Best Practices for Total Rewards Statements

Why Rewards Statements Matter – Success Culture and Respect

Providing a beautiful, engaging, and complete Total Rewards Statement makes a positive impact to your employees’ lives and careers.

Success Culture

Cultivate a culture of accomplishment and recognition at your organization. Highlight everyone’s individual career achievements and promote financial education. Take intentional action to retain and attract the most talented people in your industry.

People are Important

Remind every person how important they are to your company’s shared success. As a sign of respect, ensure everyone has up-to-date access to all the details of their compensation, benefits, and retirement package.

Real People

Your thought leadership in “making a statement” will be appreciated on all levels of your organization. Your audience of readers will include people from the most recently hired support representative to the Chief Operating Officer, who may be planning for retirement.


Everyone in your organization loves to hear their names connected with the level of respect you have for their contributions. Showing everyone their personalized financial rewards and opportunities at your organization reinforces that respect.

Click here to view our ExploreX Example Total Rewards Statement and our best practices in action!

Our Capabilities and features

Included in every Total Rewards Statement with Brain Power Software:

  • Online presentment of all types of Employee Compensation or Benefits Information

            Wages, Bonus, Healthcare, Retirement, Taxes, Paid Time Off, Equity

  • Incorporation of any format of Data file or Report, up to 4 files.

            Standard or Custom Reports, Payroll Exports, Vendor Provided Files, Tall or Wide Files

  • Dynamic Visual Layout that enables extensive logos, photography, branding, and customization

            Start with any of our templates to incorporate our best practices for user experience

  • Downloadable Adobe PDF Layout of statement for employee self-service print and archival
  • Single Sign-on Portal Integration for employee ease of access
  • Employee Activity Analytics to measure engagement over time and open rates

Additional Add-on Capabilities to further enrich your employee’s experience

  • Email Announcement and Email Reminder with Sender Authentication on your company’s domain
  • Online Forms including Employee Surveys, Voting, Acknowledgment, and Electronic Signatures
  • Retirement Forecast Calculator that incorporates current balances, employee contributions, and employer match and safe harbor.
  • Additional Data File(s) and Additional Visual Section(s) to bring in even more information.
  • Additional Employee Audiences and Branding including Unions, Sub-corporations, and Geographic areas.
  • Multiple Languages, User Language Preferences, and smartphone optimized user experience for field staff.
  • Postal Print and Fulfillment via the US Postal Service of Rewards Statements and Personalized Letters
  • Batch Export of PDF Statements for Archival, Auditing, and Distribution By Managers and Human Resources
  • Employee Congratulation Emails and Statements on Bonus and Award events with every Pay Cycle
  • Information Refreshes Every Pay Cycle, Month, or Quarter
  • Year-over-year Comparison of personal growth in every component and Historical Statement Access
  • Professional Services to help your team with Content Writing, Language Translation, Layout and User Experience

About Brain Power Software

Brain Power Software helps Human Resources professionals securely communicate total compensation, rewards, bonuses, benefits, and compliance information to employees via the web, email, postal mail, and mobile devices. We have developed a world-class Total Rewards Statement that employees love receiving. Brain Power specializes in all forms of employment communication, including bonuses, pay statements, tax documentation, online e-signature forms, and more!

Brain Power Software works for Large and Medium-sized Employers in the United States and internationally, including manufacturers, financial institutions, hospital systems, and universities. Our team of “Brainiacs” are experts in helping Human Resources Information Systems professionals exchange employment, compensation, and benefits information automatically among HR and Payroll software platforms, including SAP, ADP, Oracle, UKG Ultipro, Dayforce, Ceridian, Workday, PlanSource, Benefitfocus, JD Edwards, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Principal, and more!

Brain Power Software’s motto is Simple Solutions for Smart People. We believe in fostering financial education for your employees through high-quality software delivery and cost-effective customer projects.