What to Expect During a Total Rewards Statement Project

Whether you’re designing your company’s first Total Rewards Statement, or modernizing a basic Total Compensation statement from last century, it helps to know what to expect before you begin! All the Brainiacs follow the Principle of Least Surprise when designing employee communications and working collaboratively with our customers.

Creating the Message Together

Brain Power Software joins your human resources team as an advisor to understand and embed your branded message in a personalized statement for every employee.

Any part of your message can be personalized for specific audiences or groups within your total population. We have a decade of experience working with employers from 500 to 50,000 employees and know that each organization is unique with its own complexities.

We follow best practices to customize messaging for different audiences including:

  • Work sites or office locations
  • Corporate divisions, each individually branded
  • Union team members, or field and hourly workers
  • New hires, pre-employment, and recruiting statements
  • Residents of different states, statements complying with state-specific regulations and policies

All Your Information

Brain Power Software Total Rewards Statements are the best in the industry because we provide employees with ALL their benefits, payroll, and retirement data.

You are free to work creatively outside of the platform data fences and single-vendor systems. Some systems offer built-in statements, but they are feature limited, complicated to configure, and only show employees parts and pieces of their compensation picture.

Our “Brainiac” specialists have years of experience joining together payroll, benefits, retirement, and other unique information for all major industries and organization types.

Every statement we deliver is personalized for the recipient with THEIR data, from any system, for any timeframe.


Challenges to consider when using baked-in HR systems statements with limited features:

  • Not the whole picture
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Inflexible or cheesy employee experience that doesn’t represent the quality of your company’s brand

Ease of Access for the Employees

We make it easy for employees to access their statements quickly and securely from anywhere. We integrate to all major cloud and human resources platforms, and can provide access via email links, mobile phones, and single sign-on.

Our simplest solution is to deliver 100% of your statements online. We annouce the statements via email and provide access using your current employee portal. We also have options available to print paper statements and deliver via first class mail.

Some customers find it cost effective to print and mail to a targeted audience as well as making statements available online for everyone. We are always happy to share our success stories and walk you through the details of all the options available.

Continued Value

Employees’ Total Rewards statements can be available year-round or for a specific timeframe; it’s your choice.

Information Security

Brain Power Software’s track record for information stewardship and system availability is stellar.

You can trust us to never mine, resell, or misuse your organization’s and employees’ information.

At any time, we are happy to collaborate with your information security team to certify compliance with policies such as administrative sign-in, audit reporting, and regulatory compliance. This most often happens during the sales process when your organization is onboarding Brain Power Software as a new vendor; we can help streamline this review process for you!

Click here to view our ExploreX Example Total Rewards Statement and our best practices in action!

Our Capabilities and features

Included in every Total Rewards Statement with Brain Power Software:

  • Online presentment of all types of Employee Compensation or Benefits Information

            Wages, Bonus, Healthcare, Retirement, Taxes, Paid Time Off, Equity

  • Incorporation of any format of Data file or Report, up to 4 files.

            Standard or Custom Reports, Payroll Exports, Vendor Provided Files, Tall or Wide Files

  • Dynamic Visual Layout that enables extensive logos, photography, branding, and customization

            Start with any of our templates to incorporate our best practices for user experience

  • Downloadable Adobe PDF Layout of statement for employee self-service print and archival
  • Single Sign-on Portal Integration for employee ease of access
  • Employee Activity Analytics to measure engagement over time and open rates

Additional Add-on Capabilities to further enrich your employee’s experience

  • Email Announcement and Email Reminder with Sender Authentication on your company’s domain
  • Online Forms including Employee Surveys, Voting, Acknowledgment, and Electronic Signatures
  • Retirement Forecast Calculator that incorporates current balances, employee contributions, and employer match and safe harbor.
  • Additional Data File(s) and Additional Visual Section(s) to bring in even more information.
  • Additional Employee Audiences and Branding including Unions, Sub-corporations, and Geographic areas.
  • Multiple Languages, User Language Preferences, and smartphone optimized user experience for field staff.
  • Postal Print and Fulfillment via the US Postal Service of Rewards Statements and Personalized Letters
  • Batch Export of PDF Statements for Archival, Auditing, and Distribution By Managers and Human Resources
  • Employee Congratulation Emails and Statements on Bonus and Award events with every Pay Cycle
  • Information Refreshes Every Pay Cycle, Month, or Quarter
  • Year-over-year Comparison of personal growth in every component and Historical Statement Access
  • Professional Services to help your team with Content Writing, Language Translation, Layout and User Experience

About Brain Power Software

Brain Power Software helps Human Resources professionals securely communicate total compensation, rewards, bonuses, benefits, and compliance information to employees via the web, email, postal mail, and mobile devices. We have developed a world-class Total Rewards Statement that employees love receiving. Brain Power specializes in all forms of employment communication, including bonuses, pay statements, tax documentation, online e-signature forms, and more!

Brain Power Software works for Large and Medium-sized Employers in the United States and internationally, including manufacturers, financial institutions, hospital systems, and universities. Our team of “Brainiacs” are experts in helping Human Resources Information Systems professionals exchange employment, compensation, and benefits information automatically among HR and Payroll software platforms, including SAP, ADP, Oracle, UKG Ultipro, Dayforce, Ceridian, Workday, PlanSource, Benefitfocus, JD Edwards, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Principal, and more!

Brain Power Software’s motto is Simple Solutions for Smart People. We believe in fostering financial education for your employees through high-quality software delivery and cost-effective customer projects.