Total Rewards Statement – ExploreX Example Company

Greetings, to view our Total Rewards Statement Demonstration, please tell us a little about yourself to get started. The Brain Power Software team will connect with you via email to introduce ourselves and offer more information about our solutions. We will keep your information confidential.

“ExploreX’ is our example company. All the content, benefits, photos, logos, and colors will be updated to your company’s standards.

This demonstration statement highlights our best practices for laying out compensation and benefits information to present to your employees.

Our statement begins with beautiful NASA astronomy, a personalized welcome letter from leadership, then gets straight to the rewards showing our Donut Chart with standard Summations of a typical total rewards package:

  • Cash Compensation
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Income Protection

Your company’s benefits will likely be different and that’s ok! Our Data Recipe software can join together information from any source system you have.

As you scroll through the statement, you are provided with the numerical details of all the components that comprise the total rewards package.

We have also included examples of two additional add-on capabilities:

  • Retirement Calculator
  • Year-over-year Comparison

Creating beautiful, informative, and engaging Total Rewards Statements for your employees helps them understand the complete value of their employment with your company, plus fosters financial education for individuals and families. We look forward to starting a conversation with you soon. Thanks for trying out the ExploreX statement!

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Brain Power Software joins your human resources team as an advisor to understand and embed your branded message in a personalized statement for every employee.

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Brain Power Software helps Human Resources professionals securely communicate total compensation, rewards, bonuses, benefits, and compliance information to employees via the web, email, postal mail, and mobile devices. We have developed a world-class Total Rewards Statement that employees love receiving. Brain Power specializes in all forms of employment communication, including bonuses, pay statements, tax documentation, online e-signature forms, and more!

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